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Teens and young adults (18-30)

  • Overwhelmed, confused or doubting your career choices?
  • Unsure if staying at school is for you?
  • Feel like you are getting nowhere with your career research?
  • Are you unsure of what career/s to consider?
  • What subjects should I take at school for university?
  • What university course would suit me best?
  • Should I train for a trade?
  • Will I get a job after going to university?
  • Want to use a guidance system which understands your uniqueness and suggests options based upon this?

Come away with a very clear step by step plan specific to you, utilising your uniqueness. Options may range from tertiary to trade training and school subject selection.

Get a clear sense of where you are going!

What happens during your careers session

During the session Heather or David will build up a clear picture of who you are – your uniqueness.

We will:

Work out what's important to you

Clarify study options from school to university/industry

Give a clear focus on where your career can go with clear steps to follow

Develop a plan maximizing your employability for when you hit the job market

After your initial career guidance session it is recommended that you seek further guidance over the next 2-3 years to ensure your career planning is still on track, especially those about to leave university for the labour market.

You can read more about the Smithells® Career Planning System at or contact Clear Path Careers to start your career planning.

At what stages do we recommend young people get careers support?

  • Year 9 and 10 is a great time for students to begin exploring their concept of self and their own identity
  • We can plan to keep career options open wide to allow students to develop their understanding of subjects and review progress annually and adjust careers plans accordingly.
  • Year 11 through to Year 13 are the crucial years to be investigating careers and making the right subject choices and career decisions. We can coach students through this by offering support and to encourage self-knowledge and practical information to make the right decisions.
  • From Year 11 onwards many students are keen to be planning a career but many do not have the skills to do this on their own.
  • During university study it's recommended you book an appointment in your penultimate year to ensure you have clear career plans in place to obtain suitable graduate employment.

If you are in year one and are considering changing course you are strongly recommended to seek support so your next decision is a considered and planned next step, not a reaction to your current dissatisfaction.

Let Clear Path Careers take the stress out of the process. We know some are eager to leave school and find a job and some are aiming for PhD's - we can cater for all and make practical plans that are based on reality, the current economic climate and predictions of future industry changes.

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