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Retired - What's next?

Looking forward to retiring? Can’t wait to have more time, but not sure what to do with your time? Retirement can bring its own stresses when the novelty of the escape of the 9 to 5 has waned. To get the most out of your retirement why not investigate our psychometric tool kit? We can work out your personality traits, values and motivations to determine what might best suit you and your free time. Options range from identifying part-time work to volunteering / mentoring opportunities and even new hobbies. Find out what makes you tick so you can really make the most of your retirement.

Find out your personality type and traits


Find out your personality type and traits. Discover what pass-times will suit you

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering opportunities

Find volunteering opportunities in Auckland and the Waikato.

Volunteering Auckland

Volunteering Waikato

Mentoring a young person

Mentoring a young person

Does it Make a Difference? Whether you are looking to become a volunteer, a donor looking to give, or a parent/caregiver keen for your young person to have a mentor ...
NZ Youth Mentoring Network
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand

Identify new hobbies and interests


Use our personality profiles to identify new hobbies to fill your time.

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