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Services for international students


Clear Path Careers is a specialised careers guidance and employability service that can assist and support you to develop your career plan.


We offer an intensive wraparound service to graduates seeking employment and career direction including:



  • Information on courses & careers most likely to lead to residency, including which career areas to target
  • 提供最便捷移民的课程和职业规划
  • Help with university & course selection
  • 帮助选择大学和相应课程
  • Advice on obtaining an internship
  • 提供实习建议
  • Coaching on effective job search strategies essential for employment in New Zealand
  • 训练在新西兰本地就职所必备的职业技能
  • An extensive network of employer contacts who are known to recruit international talent
  • 提供大量想聘请国际留学生的雇主信息

Career Guidance 就业指导

Clear Path Careers is an approved Smithells Practitioner service. Our assessments will determine your uniqueness and the best graduate careers to suit the real you. We will also ensure careers are highlighted which are in demand and likely to increase the chance of you obtaining NZ residency.


Jobsearch Skill Assistance 工作搜索技能帮助

We will help you with effective jobsearch strategies including:


  • Personal branding
  • 建立个人品牌
  • How to network and not feel awkward
  • 如何在不突兀的情况下建立社交网
  • CV & cover letter service
  • 建立和和求职信服务
  • Interview technique/mock interview support. Are you lacking confidence or knowledge in how to prepare for interviews? Do you have an interview coming up and don't feel prepared? Book a mock interview and learn how to perform on the day
  • 面试技巧和模拟面试服务。如果您缺少自信或者缺少如何准备面试的知识,或者您即将有一个面试但不知该如何准备,请您预约一个模拟面试来学习在面试当天该如何表现。
  • Using social media for job search
  • 使用社交网来找工作
  • Developing an effective LinkedIn profile. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Or do you have a LinkedIn profile but no idea how to maximize its job search benefits?
  • 发展高效的领英网。您有领英账号吗?如果有但又不知如何充分利用领英强大的工作搜索能力,您需要此项服务。

Clear Path careers can help you through the whole process from sourcing opportunities, to application, interview and beyond. We can also help you develop your career further as it grows. We aim to make the whole process stress free, allowing you to move forward with your dreams.


About Us 关于我们

The business is co-owned by husband and wife team Heather and David Trought who each have over 25+ years of guidance experience. Heather has extensive experience of guiding students to appropriate university courses matching their skills and motivations. Heather has worked as Head of Careers at a top Auckland school, taught on the AUT University Postgraduate Careers Development course and trained careers teachers in the UK. David has managed four university careers services; two in New Zealand and two in the UK. He has over 20 years' experience of successfully working with a broad range of international students, graduates and postgraduates:


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Please contact us on or 027 420 5451

如果您想联系我们,可以通过邮箱 或电话027 420 5451

Career coaching for extraordinary lives!


We do not give advice on visas and eligibility for employment in New Zealand



Appointments are held in Auckland (Stonefields/Orewa & Patumahoe), Hamilton & Cambridge. We have home offices in both in Stonefields & Patumahoe Village (10 minutes from the Drury off-ramp, SH1) where we mainly interview. If you live in other locations please ring us.

Also, we see clients who fly in from all over the country and adults who prefer to use Zoom/Skype.