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Online Tools for teens & young adults

We use online tools to capture your uniqueness and to effectively gather the right information to help you understand how to plan for a successful career.

We can help with the following: 

Working out a career fitting your skills and strengths

Figuring out what to take at university

School subject selection for future careers

Determining suitable jobs & apprenticeships with prospects now and for the future

Online tools for Teens and young Adults – we use the Smithells® system, a well-known and highly regarded system

How does it work?

Before seeing a Clear Path Careers Consultant you will need to go to, to complete a set of online Career Questionnaires then request an appointment to see David Trought or Heather Trought who are Approved Smithells® Professionals

Clear Path Careers appointments are either in Auckland or the Waikato. Appointments in other locations may also be possible.

Any questions, or if you want to talk over the kind of help you require please get in contact.

More about the Smithells® System

Most young people who go through the Smithells® System and see an Approved Smithells® Professional, stick to their career ideas or plan. Feedback over 16 years from informal surveys of young clients’ years after leaving school indicates that over 90%...

  • Are following the same career direction
  • Gained entry to their first option for study, training or work
  • Completed their first two years successfully
  • Aimed to continue with their course of study at the same institution

Online Tools for Adults

We are accredited to use the Career Fast Track suite of questionnaires. This provides tools and methodology to enable us to provide career development services to individuals across varying life spans within education and employment settings. See the range of questionnaires below.

Career-Life Values Report - your Career-Life Values are listed according to how important you feel they are across three domains that ultimately influence your career-life direction

  1. Values that lead to personal satisfaction and motivation
  2. Values that lead to feeling rewarded and appreciated
  3. Values that lead to living a preferred lifestyle

Career-Life Skills Report will prioritise career life skills into four skill domains:

  1. Skills that you're good at and enjoy using
  2. Skills that you enjoy using but need to improve
  3. Skills that you're good at but don't enjoy using
  4. Skills that you're not good at and don't enjoy

Career Path Interest Report will help you fully explore career options. Heather or David will support you to validate your preferred career path options and make decisions about your career-life development strategy.

Careers explored within this report will be aligned with:

  1. Your interests –across seven different occupational categories
  2. Your personality – or your preferred work style and preferences

Career Obstacles Report identifies potential career obstacles which, without management, may hinder career progress.

There are many obstacles that can hamper progress towards your career goals. Sometimes these are obstacles you have not encountered before and sometimes they are obstacles that have been reoccurring in your career-life for some time. This report will identify the main obstacles that are impacting upon your career-life so that we can identify strategies to assist you to overcome them so they don't reoccur. You will work with your Clear Path Career Coach to identify workable solutions to assist you to overcome these perceived obstacles and where necessary develop strategies that find alternative pathways to your goals.

Transferable Skills Report identifies your transferable skills.

These are skills developed through your education, work, hobbies, social and other life experiences, which are relevant to and can be utilised in a variety of workplace settings and contexts. Your transferable skills are unique to you and have a valuable contribution to make in career planning and getting your ideal job.

The report divides transferable skills into six broad categories:

  1. Communication
  2. Research and planning
  3. Organisation, management and leadership
  4. Day to day technical skills
  5. Educational experience
  6. Human relations

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